Here at Stealth Acoustics, we believe that good audio and video system design is achieved with a sleek and minimalist asthetic, in combination with high end components and performance, in order to fully capture the beauty and essence of the architectural style in your home or business.  Stealth Acoustics delivers the highest quality, American made, invisible or hidden AV solutions in an ever growing marketplace. Now you don’t have to sacrifice quality to have a discrete system that compliments your space!

LinearResponseG™ full range invisible speakers and subwoofers, coupled with our amplifiers provide a total “system” approach to invisible speakers, providing the best possible sound while eliminating unsightly grilles and bulky boxes used with traditional speakers.

Our award-winning line of invisible speakers, utilize injection molded frames, low profile woofers, refined crossover networks that deliver unmatched warmth, realism and depth of sound.

No fatigue, no lost detail, just the best sounding family of totally invisible speakers and subwoofers available in the world.

The StingRay is the flagship of Stealth Acoustics’ outdoor line and offers impressive fidelity and bass response from a hermetically sealed all-weather speaker.  The StingRay is perfect for outdoor theaters, patios, and marine environments, or anywhere that robust, full-range sound is desired outdoors.

Constructed of ABS plastic and infused with fiberglass for high performance and longevity, the StingRay works well in applications where space is limited or an unobtrusive speaker is required.

Stealth Patio Theater (SPT) is the absolute future of high-end outdoor cinematic entertainment, for homes, hotels, yachts, etc. The award winning SPT utilizes a fully retractable, large-format, ultra-bright, 16:9 format hi-resolution LED screen with Stealth Acoustics outdoor speaker and amplifier technologies, coupled with a one of a kind weatherized enclosure.

SPT is also a perfect solution to outdoor sports watching without all the issues associated with projector systems. SPT will be sure to satisfy its viewers, especially in broad daylight.

Stealth CoverArt™ blends nearly any flat screen display into your décor by automatically converting it into a beautifully framed photograph or work of art.

A custom image is printed on graphic arts quality canvas surrounded by a choice of elegant wood moulding. When the display is turned on, the Stealth CoverArt™ canvas automatically rises to reveal the total display screen without any obstruction. When the display is turned off, the canvas automatically lowers to conceal your TV and convert your wall into something more aesthetically pleasing.